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Memorial Day Weekend 2003 Treasure Hunting 
With Bob "Frogfoot" Weller

 Fort Pierce, Florida is home of the Pandion and the Striker treasure hunting vessels.   These two boats are some of the most successful treasure hunting vessels on these waters.

We will go out today on the Striker because the Pandion needs work.

8:00 AM was the meeting time and Bob was already on the boat preparing it for our day out.

Today's treasure hunting crew will include Bob Weller as our pilot and treasure hunting Team Leader.

Treasure hunter Bill Casinelli.

Treasure hunter Brad Johnson.

Treasure hunter George Shepard.

Me, Kenny Miller, today's photographer.

Early AM Bob and Bill check the motor for oil. 

   First we head for the 1715 Fleet wreck site known as Nieves.    This team has been treasure hunting for over 15 years.
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Fort Pierce Beach

Let The Treasure Hunting Begin


 This is a mailbox invented by Mel Fisher to blow a hole in the ocean floor.

     This is one of the 1715 Fleet charts showing the location of gold coins found (red dot) and where silver coins (green dot) have been found.

First Find Of The Day

Bob was very busy tending to the boat to make sure all the gauges were operating smoothly.  

 Top secret maps showing locations of some of Bob's favorite spots.

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Treasure Hunting For Lunch


Brad Finds Something

 When you're on a 42 foot boat in sometimes 15' of water, you need to know your exact depth so you don't drift onto a reef.

This is a chart showing all the coins found on the Cabin Wreck in the last 30 years. It's neat to see the way the ship travels North up the coast after the hurricane. The dots show the actual spillage pattern.


Off To Urca de Lima Site

On the move again. We visited about five different wreck sites this day.

 Those lucky swimmers are probably on top of gold coins. Out here in 6 feet of water is a great place to look for treasure since boats can't get in this close.

Bob Explains The Wreck


Treasure Diver Brad Johnson

 Brad was lucky enough to find a gold two escudo last year.

 Today he finds a dated 1714 eight reale and a one reale.

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These mpeg video's must be played twice.
 First download will be choppy.

Treasure Hunters Preparing For Another Dive

 Brad goes in for his last time of the day. After about eight hours of treasure hunting you get a little tired. I wasn't even swimming in the water all day and I was tired of the boat rocking back and forth and that Brownie humming in my ear.

 Here Brad puts on the 35 pound weight belt. If you don't wear a weight belt you will float and the idea is to be on the bottom where the treasure is.


Divers At Back Of Boat Planning For Next Dive

Commemorative Coin Sets


Divers Still Looking For More Spanish Treasure


 These are some of the treasures Bob has found in his 40 years of treasure hunting.



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