"The Cabin Wreck"

Lat.27 49.48' N Long. 80 25.48'W

     It would seem that the 'Capitana" of General Ubilla's Nueva Espana Flota, or silver plate fleet, was destined for problems from the moment it left Cadiz, Spain in 1713 bound for the new world. Just before leaving port a wealthy nobleman from Barcelona, and his entourage, came aboard as passengers. One hundred fourteen barrels of water had to he left behind to make room for all their belongings Shortly after clearing the harbor and out of sight of land, it was discovered that 134 stowaways had somehow managed to find a place to hide on board the 471 ton, 50 cannon Senora de la Regla. It was a thirsty galleon that reached Puerto Rico 50 days later. 
    Then, while anchored in the exposed Vera Cruz harbor loading the treasures on board, a violent storm struck the area on March 28, 1715. The Capitana was blown from her moorings and broached on a reef. Only after quick action by the crew in chopping down her main masts to keep the ship from rolling from side to side and holing her hull was the ship reanchored and kept afloat. Finally the fleet was loaded with treasure and the Regla manifest recorded the following registered treasure:


2,559,917 pesos in coins and bars of ),300 chests
23 chests of worked silver
62 chests of gifts
1 small chest of gold bats, doubloons, and pearls
730 leather bags of cochineal
241 leather bags and chests of indigo
17 chests of vanilla beans
6 chests of chocolate
70 sheets of copper
730 tanned leathers
4 chests of Chinese porcelain
100 quintales of Brazilwood
9 chests of earthern vessels
14 jugs of Balsam


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"Sunken Treasure On Florida Reefs,"  by Robert "Frogfoot" Weller

For additional information see:  "Galleon Hunt,"  "Shipwrecks Near Wabasso Beach,"  "Salvaging Spanish Sunken Treasure,"  "Famous Shipwrecks of the Florida Keys."  by Robert "Frogfoot" Weller

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