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Lat. 27  43.7'N  Long. 80  22.65'W

The manifest of the San Roman was extensive, and her hold was stuffed with treasure that King Philip V desperately needed to keep his kingdom from the verge of bankruptcy. His 20% Royal Fifth tax from Roman's treasure alone amounted to 611,412 pesos in gold and silver. Roman carried the second largest payload in the 1715 Spanish Plate Fleet.

2,687,416 pesos in 684 chests and sacks of silver and gold
728 leather bags of cochineal
1,702 leather bags and chests of indigo
139 sheets of copper
682 tanned leather hides
26 chests of earthen vessels
48 chests of vanilla beans
85 chests of gifts
8 earthen jugs of balsam & liquid amber
2 chests with writing desks
40 chests of chocolate and dust of oaxaca
2 chests of bath oil
30 leather sacks of wild cochineal
12 chests of anatto red dye
53 chests of worked silver
14 chests of chinese porcelain
80 bales of lurga of talapa
9 leather sacks of cacao
500 quintales of brazilwood
31 bales of sasparilla
     As General Ubilla's fleet left Havana harbor, the San Roman as Almiranta brought up the rear as guard vessel. She was heavily armed with 54 cannon, and ballasted at 450 tons. Admiral Don Francisco Salm6n rode on the Roman as second in command of the fleet. When the hurricane struck, the captain of the Roman, D. Juan de Equilaz, tried to keep his Capitana in sight, but the sun was soon blotted out by dark heavy clouds, and huge waves made contact impossible.


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"Sunken Treasure On Florida Reefs,"  by Robert "Frogfoot" Weller

For additional information see:  "Galleon Hunt,"  "Shipwrecks Near Wabasso Beach,"  "Salvaging Spanish Sunken Treasure,"  "Famous Shipwrecks of the Florida Keys."  by Robert "Frogfoot" Weller

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